Friday, 9 December 2016

Violette and Vidock Vendredi

Violette: As you know, #1 is in Paris today (and yesterday) so we haven't seen her since Wednesday, and when she came by, it was already almost dark!

So, here is a picture taken the day before, where you can see me better!

Vidock: See how generous I am about sharing my rations with my feathered friends?

I'm just a really cool guy all around...

Thursday, 8 December 2016

Tommy's Treats on Thursday

Tommy: Woofs, Everyone! We have had the most amazing weather, sunny AND balmy, and I have been enjoying my time out in the fields. But today, I wanted to do a slightly different post. Many of you occasionally do treat reviews, and everything always looks yummy. Most of the treats that are reviewed are things we can't get here, but #1 does make a big effort to get me delicious and healthy treats from all over. I thought it would be fun to share some of those with you.

These are yummy fishy treats we get in England:

These come from England too. They are chicken with salmon and kelp:

Some of my most favourite treats come from Japan, and we are lucky to have some good friends who are happy to send them to us.

 These are both organic chicken breast treats:

These are venison on the left and seafood jerky on the right:

And here is something that some of my friends may be familiar with, because it is what we ask friends coming from the States to bring:

I hope you enjoyed my treat tour. Here is a picture of me in a sunpuddle as a bonus!

#1 is going to Paris this afternoon, and returning tomorrow evening. Mr. G will be staying with us. All paws crossed that everyone stays well whilst she is gone.

Wednesday, 7 December 2016

WonderBoy Wednesday!

Genji: Yes, it's me, GENJI! I am the WonderBoy, as you know well! I have to confess that I gave #1 a bit of a scare yesterday. I wasn't on her bed when she woke up and then I didn't come for my morning treats. It gets worse... I refused to eat my breakfast... And I just curled up in a ball, sneezing occasionally. She panicked, as she is always afraid that the pancreatitis will rear its ugly head again, but she also wondered if it wasn't me singing the blues. You see, I am the #1 cuddleboy around here and I am used to getting a huge amount of attention, but these past few weeks, Queen Tama has sort of superseded me, and I ended up in a terrible funk. #1 spoke to our energy guy and he said it was very much that. So, instead of doing her work, #1 spent all day with me, cuddling me and playing a little with me.

A little after 4pm, I got up from her lap and headed over to where she had put a tiny plate of chicken earlier. After lapping up the broth, I ate most of the chicken! She put out a little more and I lapped up that broth too. A little while later, I tucked into a tiny plate of tuna, and at 6pm, I inhaled a tiny dish of cooked low-fat minced beef! So, #1 is crossing all fingers and paws that I am over my deep funk.

#1 says she's really tired and can we please give her a bit of a break?

#1? Where is my Cat Dancer????

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

Tama-Chan Tuesday

Tama-Chan: It has been over two weeks since I got sick and I would like to start by thanking all of you for your continued purrs and crossed paws. They bring great comfort both to me and to #1 (she has been a complete basket case...).

So, what is the latest? Well, it is increasingly looking like my heart is not functioning quite as it should. I have started taking both diuretics (Furosemide) and a heart support medication (Benazepril). At the moment, we are still working on adjusting the dosage of the Furosemide, and the Benazepril will take some time to kick in, but I do seem better overall. I am still getting coughing episodes but outside of these, I am pretty much acting like a healthy cat, enjoying being brushed and asking #1 to play with the laser pointer!

And even giving #1 the occasional bitey!

But she still gives me scritches!

The weather has been nice and I have really been enjoying the sunpuddles:

I occasionally turn on the lasers if the boys need to be kept in check:

I am still Queen after all!

The rest of the time, I look angelic...

We don't know if things will ever be quite the same again, but I know I am in good hands between #1 and Dr. C.

Monday, 5 December 2016

Manly Monday

Tommy: It has gotten quite cold but it's also been sunny which has been nice for our outings with #1! That of course, is for the outings in the fields, not like me accompanying #1 to the garage when she had to have the diesel filters regenerated a few days ago:

I made a new friend the other day. I was playing in the big field when this Boxer wearing a huge harness came running. There was quite a bit of sniffing and then he made some nice play bows and ran around me! His owners eventually showed up, a retired couple who told #1 it was the first time Joko had played with another dog as they made sure to keep him away from other dogs in case there were aggression issues. #1 was quite horrified. Poor Joko! I hope I bump into him again. He is only two and clearly loves to play

Here is a shot of me taken on my Gotcha Day. I had the best time!

Genji: #1 has been taking so many outstanding shots of me in sunpuddles lately that it's hard to choose which ones to put on the blog!

#1 says I look more than a little cheeky in this one. I wonder why...

Vidock: Did you bring my treats #1?

Thanks, #. Here is a thank you smooch:

Da Beebs: Many thanks for all the great birthday wishes. I had the best time, in particular because my Mama Tama had a fairly good weekend, and I am crossing my paws it stays this way. 

You saw some nice photos of me in my birthday finery yesterday but #1 took some more after the blog post was done and I thought I would share one or two:

And here is an outttake, just for fun!

Have a great week, Everyone!

Sunday, 4 December 2016

Seven Today! Beebsy Birthday Bash

Da Beebs: Welcome, Dear Friends,  to my 7th Birthday celebration. None of us can believe it has been seven whole years since I came into this world, by Caesarean, courtesy of Dr. C. I was supposed to spend the first three months of my life here and then move on to another home like my brothers and sister, but, as soon as I opened my eyes, I knew that this would be my Forever Home, and I made sure #1 knew it too.

I have dressed up in my best bib and tucker for my birthday:

I am sure you want to see some baby pics, right? Here I am, at a few days old, with my wonderful Mama Tama:

With my siblings, aged one week:

Three weeks old:

As you know, I grew into a splendid mancat. Here I am at five months:

 A little before my second birthday:

My first Houbibi adventure...

Four years old:

Shortly before my sixth birthday:

Now those of you who have been friends with us all along know that my Mama never really came to terms with the fact that I didn't leave, unlike my brothers Fuku-Chan and GoGo-Chan, ad my sister Hime-Chan. So, our relationship has always been rather difficult. But she is my Mama and she raised me to be the boy I am today, so the only thing I ask for my birthday is that she is well again. We have all been very worried about her, and it is now looking increasingly likely that there is something wrong with her heart. So, from the bottom of my heart, Please Get Well Soon, Mama Tama.

#1 here. I have always had a special relationship with Beebs since I raised him from birth. He is truly larger than life, incredibly sweet but with a totally wild streak to him. He is very protective of his home and provides endless cuddles, especially at night when he sleeps under the covers, curled up against me. Happy Birthday to my very special Beebsy Boy!

Saturday, 3 December 2016


Sei-Chan: Can you believe it's already December? I shall soon have to start some serious supervising of Christmas cards and present mailings. Things are beginning to get back to a more normal state of affairs here, after a few more blips with sister Tama, and we are starting to think of Christmas decorations. So I have to keep on top of everything!

You know that I am #1's little red girl, and this week, she managed to get a shot of me in a sunpuddle where I am positively glowing!

Of course, I also need to a little carol rehearsing. I have already started, and I believe in just belting them out...

Busy Busy, Busy! 

Don't forget to join us tomorrow for Bibi's Birthday Bash!